Friday, September 16th, 2005
Rainy day... 4 1/2 hours down to Detroit and
almost 6 hours back because of road construction.

Madison has arrived! 

The flight was about 1 hour late in taking off and I was so scared she wasn't going to fly out that day. We had to wait 1 1/2 hours after her plane landed for her to be delivered to the "cargo" building.

Mom and Dad took me out of my kennel as soon as the airport man set me down.  Mom was so worried that I would be traumatized by the flight but I walked out of my crate and wiggled my little butt.  A couple came up to see me so I plopped my butt down and immediately started sticking my paw out to shake hands. I know how to sit, lie down, shake hands, leave-it.  I heard mom say they have to be careful because I appear to be pretty smart.

Snoozy Suzie with
her slobber face.

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(now Panda... PANDAmonium)

Introducing- Madison!
September 17th...After all that beautiful sheepie-hair was
clipped off.  Much cooler and maybe I won't slobber so much??

So this is a "rest area"...
not going to potty here.

 Hmmm... another "rest area".
I'll wait until I get "home".

X-rays of my hips... I've got severe hip dysplasia that we require surgery. I've been vet checked and given the okay to play with my new sisters.  I will probably have surgery at MSU... gotta get worked into the pack first.

Digital pictures of Panda's more recent x-rays-

Madison - adopted
Old English Sheepdog

Size: Large
Age: Young
Sex: Female

Notes: Madison is a 9-month-old big 60-pound spayed female, owned by a groomer in Neptune City, NJ. She is sweet, gets along with other dogs, and is great with people. She loves to be groomed of course. That's the good news. The reality is she needs more lessons in the art of housebreaking. She also needs someone to teach her that the house and all its contents belong to the uprights, not to Madison. She does love her toys and plays well with them. She would be OK in a home with children over the age of 10. We are looking for a very special home for this puppy. She has GREAT potential. Once she is thoroughly in puppy class and doing well, NEOESR wants to explore the possibility of having her hips operated on to prevent deterioration which can be caused by HD. NEOESR would cover the cost if necessary. Let's talk!

This pet is: up to date with routine shots, altered

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