This little guy flew in to Detroit from Texas on
July 26th, 2010.  A very sweet, non-aggressive boy that has some behavior things we hope we can work through.

(aka Kobuck!)

My birthday is October 1st, 2008.

Kobuck- Summer 2010


Summer 2013

Panda... Madison... Panda Again
I'm a New Jersey Girl!

September 2005-  Madison was been adopted from New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue on September 16, 2005.  Thanks for choosing us for this special girl. 

We are Panda's 3rd home according to the paperwork we received. She also spent 3 weeks at a NJ shelter.  No surgery has been required for her hip dysplasia yet... she did have a bladder defect that required surgical correction and also takes Betaine Hydrochloride (discontinued Uroeze... too hard on her stomach) for a urinary ph imbalance.  These two things have corrected her housetraining issues.  She just started Metacam for pain in August 24, 2009.


My birthday is October 29th, 2004


Panda- Summer 2009


Summer 2013

January 2005- We are adopting a special little sheepie born with a birth defect.   Kaytee has a cleft palate and a hare lip... she's also mostly blind but she gets around great!  Thanks for allowing us to adopt her Kaye! We finally got our blue-eyed sheepie :)

Note: Kaytee's mother was spayed after Kaytee was born. I'm actually Emma's and Darby's real half-sister!
 We have the same dad... KemoSabe.  Their mom is Dolly and mine is Angel.


Kaytee- Cootie

My birthday is November 24th, 2004.

Kaytee- Summer 2009


Summer 2013

Amanda was the last pup remaining out of
the 19 puppies so we're getting two puppies!

My name is Darby now!


"Darby Me Darlin'"

My birthday is November 25th, 2003.

Darby- Summer 2009

Summer 2013

Jim, Darby & Emma

Summer 2013

January 2004- We have found our little girl!  No blue eyes but we realized the limitation we put on our request in time.  She is a cutie. Thanks Kaye Fletcher!

"Aye Emma Bonny Lass"

My birthday is November 25th, 2003.

Emma- Summer 2009

Our 4th of July Pup

My birthday is somewhere
around May 15th, 1999.

Meesha is our small dog who is about 1 1/2 years younger than Maggie. While at the vet, one of the girls brought out this tiny puppy that had been sick. As we understand it, the mother had been hit by a car and the boy was trying to care for her. A couple took her to our vet who was caring for her until she could be placed in a home.  There were guesses that she was either a black lab or chow (black on tongue)... ha!  She often has a swagger when she walks, would be alpha if we allowed it, but has kept some of the "puppiness" about her. She loves to have her chest scratched and be hugged but she also sometimes gets these bursts of energy and races around the yard making noises. She is very alert, has a great nose for anything new or different... she can be somewhat nervous and is often on the go.  She and Maggie are buddies. Nicknames: Moo-Moo, Mooshie, Me-Mo, MonaMeesha, Hooch, The Hairy Heathen, Devil Dog.
Summer 2013

Meesha- Summer 2009



 My birthday is somewhere around October 15th, 1997.

Maggie is our medium size dog. We decided to get another puppy and went to the local Humane Society.  As God would have it, they only had one puppy (thank goodness because the choice was taken away). She had been there for about 3-4 weeks and was the last of the litter remaining... she seemed not to pay much attention to me when I went in but I had to take her because I saw her and could not leave her not knowing what would happen to her. My husband and son had been forewarned that this would happen. She has turned out to be a true companion dog that loves family and a ball nut that would play all day. She is our softie... a timid dog that retrieves the ball and throws it back to you.  She is afraid of strangers unless of course they have a ball.  Nicknames: Maggs, Maggsie, Maggie-Do, Magee, the Hairy Potato or Hairy Tater (after a bath).

July 2013

Maggie- Summer 2009





Date: January 14th, 2004 
We are searching for a

blue-eyed female

Old English Sheepdog puppy

Why we want an OES:
We just put our Nikki- 11 year old OES/mix- down on Saturday during exploratory surgery (started bleeding- tumors on both kidneys... could not make her well again) and after a lot of crying decided to get a new puppy. We have always taken other peoples unwanted pets (including one little bunny going into the stew pot and the neighbor's rabbit that we found under our porch after they moved) but this time have decided we want a purebred OES because of our Nikki's characteristics.
What we can offer an OES puppy:
We are responsible dog owners who currently have two mix-breed females (both spayed). All of our pets are indoor family members who we keep for life. We live in a subdivision. This puppy will be loved, have plenty of toys, a fenced backyard so she can safely run and play, at least one check up a year with our veterinarian and heartworm pills to prevent disease. We are a work at home couple so we are with our dogs most of the time. Please note that we will most likely keep this puppy clipped short when she grows up as we did our other OES/mix and she will be spayed.
Puppy Requirements:
Blue-eyed female puppy. Puppy must be healthy and have good hips and eyes. Her mother/father health history must also be good.  We want her to be intelligent and not timid because she will also be a watchdog for us.  Must be home raised with love and not a "puppy mill" puppy. The reason the blue eyes are important to us is because even if she turns out to be a goofball, her size and eyes can be a deterrent.
When:  ASAP

(Both are under 6 years old.)

We are looking for a blue-eyed OES sister to join us! We will share our toys and kiddy pool in the summer although we may be somewhat possessive of our parents, at least until you learn your place in our family. Want to come live with us? 

  • We get two meals a day and eat in the morning and afternoon. We get dog bones too. Mom and Dad usually cut back on our food in the winter when we are not as active because they say we get fat.  They were always worried about big Nikki's hips (it turned out she had great hips).

  • We have lots of stuffed and plastic-type toys and nylon dog chews... there is a box in the hall that we take them out of and we drop them all over the house.  We laugh when mom has to pick them up. (She could get Nikki to pick them up and put them in the box if she bribed her... wonder if she will try that with us?)

  • We have a fenced in backyard that we run in.  Mom or Dad usually are outside with us any way... we don't have much unsupervised outdoor time.  In the summer we have a kiddy pool that we play in.

  • We are never allowed out the front door unless we have our collars and leashes.  We know that we cannot go past the threshold of the front door.

  • Mom and Dad make us go see Dr. Gremel and Dr. Peck at least once a year to get shots and blood tests for heart worms.  They give us these chewable pills each month and we get vitamin C in our food.  Nikki got Glucosamine too.

  • Mom taught us word commands like sit, down, off, around-place, heel, stay, take a break, and go to the fence- do your business, go to your place (Dad says night-night). She then had the audacity to teach us a lot of these with hand signals only.  Maggie's much better with "stay" than I am.  We humor Mom with refresher courses because we get treats which are always cool.

  • You will probably be at the bottom of the pecking order.  You're just a squirt so once you get older, you will get your food dish last and go out the door last.  It doesn't mean that Mom and Dad don't love you as much as us... it just keeps peace in the family. 

  • We love to read... Maggie and I climb up on the bed and play or chew on Nylabones and then sleep until Dad comes to bed.  We go to our dog crates at night except for Maggie.

  • We have a play room!  Well... okay, so it's not really our play room but we think it's fun to go there.  The garage out back was made into a getaway and we have fun playing out there too.

  • We have these furry things with long ears that hop. They are kept in the basement but in the summer time they sometimes come outside to play in the fenced-in area.  Maggie gets to play with them (with Mom watching real close) but I think they need to be chewed on so I don't get to play no matter how much I whine... they are fun to watch though.

  • If you would like to come live with us, have your mom/dad call our mom/dad. 


The Pack- December 2008
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My sweet boy... I miss you so very much.
Please wait for me precious boy.
May 31, 2008 to August 27, 2012 
(Recurring Chylothorax)

Our first boy in the pack and our easiest puppy ever.  He arrived at close to 11 weeks of age and was almost house trained, he crated easily and wasn't a humptie-dumpie even prior to his neuter.  He's been a great addition to the pack.

"Bumbles Bounce
But Can They Fly
(aka Billy Bumble, Bumbie!)

My birthday is May 31st, 2008.

Bumble- Summer 2009


My birthday is July 9, 2012.
You Are My Sunshine

June 9, 2013

July 23, 2013- Wishing you the very best with your new family and life, precious boy.  We love you so much... your kisses, your love and intelligence. You were the smartest boy I've ever trained with. I will always hate that crazy man for what he did.  I'm sorry I couldn't be the strong owner you needed after that happened. 

In Memory of Nikki-
Our Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Our St. Patrick's Day Pup
More Pictures of Nikki

Nikki was our big dog. We saw an ad in the local paper for a husky/lab mix, called but they had all been given away. Were told that one man took 2 but his wife was not happy so he was going to destroy them if he couldn't get rid of them.  We took Nikki sight-unseen. Were surprised to see the little beard when she came out of the cat carrier all smelly after being kept in a pole barn in March and having lost her dinner. She had long hair but did not like to be brushed out so we eventually clipped her short because she much preferred my electric clippers to brushing.  She was a lovely dog who was extremely "alpha", somewhat aloof, very intelligent, pushy, stubborn ("now" often had to be added to a command), gentle with the rabbits, not so gentle with Maggie a few times (stitches). She was very vocal. You could not make her do something she didn't want to do but you could bribe her to do just about anything except roll over on her back as submissive. She is very sadly missed. Nicknames: Big Dog, NeeNee, Neeko, Nikki Big Nose- Dog that Smells A Lot (she didn't smell... it was just the big nose), our Wolf in Sheep's Clothing because of her temperament.


Remember that sub-zero night I coaxed you on the porch? After over an hour of freezing my fanny off you finally came to me and took that cooked chicken.  I called dad to pick you up 'cause I never really handled a cat 'til you came along. I thought that huge mat dragging on the ground was a 5th leg.

Your frost bit ears and the hole in your side finally healed up.  I saved you from a life of being called "Fluffy Butt" when Chris was deciding on a name.  You would come when we rang a bell and would sit up for a treat. Most of the time pooped a foot from the litter boxes.  The vet said your elevator didn't quite reach the top floor but we loved you baby.  I know you're waiting at the Bridge with NeeNee and the bunns. Sure hope someone remembers to stuff some cooked chicken in my pockets when they send me off!




My little white bunn with brown ears, feet and nose... like a toasted marshmallow.  The neighbor lady dumped her little girl's pet when she moved... wonder what she told her? Although we called so say we had you she never came back to claim you.  Thank goodness you went under our porch instead of heading the other direction or the neighbor's dogs would have had you.  I remember dad and Chris said they threw a towel over you to catch you and that you bit like crazy.  I picked all those ticks off from around your eyes.

Hope your last years with us were better. You never again tried to bite after you settled in (remember the leather gloves at first!  LOL).  I also hope you forgive me for giving you a girlie name... I didn't know you were a boy 'til we helped you to cross the Bridge.   Hope you, Bu and Barley are all hopping and playing in the flower filled fields at the Bridge... and that Nikki and Snowy are playing with you too.

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