Assisting Old English Sheepdogs In Arizona and New Mexico.

Old English Sheepdog
Southwest Rescue

Phoenix, AZ

Welcome to OES Southwest Rescue!  We are an Old English Sheepdog rescue that assists OESs in Arizona and New Mexico.  Our goals are like those of other reputable rescues- we work with shelters and accept strays (first trying to reunite dogs with their owners through microchip or dog tag information).  We also accept Old English Sheepdogs from individuals and families who simply can no longer keep their dog... for whatever reason.  If you need to surrender an Old English Sheepdog, please contact us.

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OES Southwest Rescue Terms of Adoption


The Adoption Process: Applications are reviewed and meetings scheduled. Dogs are placed in the best home available that will meet the individual dog's specific needs.  Adoptions sometimes happen rather quickly.  Other times it can take months for the right family to come along.  It has to be a match for both family and dog in order to have the best possible chance for a life long placement. 

After an adoption has taken place, we like to stay in touch to make sure things are working out for both the dog and their new family.  This allows us to offer support and ideas to help everyone settle in.  Sometimes a dog will come back to board while their parents go on vacation. THAT is a win-win situation.

~ Happy Tails & New Beginnings~

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Phoenix, AZ

Your Adoption Application MUST be on file
before we can schedule a meet-and-greet.
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OES Southwest Rescue Terms of Adoption

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Dogs do occasionally arrive well cared for... having known what it is to be loved. Many times though dogs come to us after being lost, abandoned or neglected. These Old English Sheepdogs need someone to step up on their behalf to begin turning their lives back around. Most importantly, they need a responsible and loving family who will continue with this act of love.

First: When a dog enters our rescue, they are groomed and receive a health evaluation from a veterinarian. All dogs are spayed or neutered prior to being adopted and brought up to date on vaccinations. Grooming may involve just a nice soapy bath... often it requires the use of electric clippers to remove a matted coat.

Second: Each dog is then evaluated and we begin training. This may be simply brushing up on already known skills or starting completely from scratch. It's positive training that can shape an untrained adult dog into one that begins to understand and willingly comply. This one-on-one approach allows us to get to know the dog and what he or she will need.

Third: When we feel a dog is ready to begin life with a new family, they are placed up for adoption on Petfinder and we begin accepting applications.

Fourth: It's all about finding a dog for the right family. Adoption applications are carefully reviewed for the best possible match and meetings are scheduled.

Finally: The dog is placed with the best matching family. It's the new family that continues with the training already begun. This will be a journey of building a bond of love and trust with a special shaggy coated dog.

Follow-Up: We want adoptions to last a life time. We are here to help you with the settling-in process. And we hope that from time to time you'll share a photo or two of you and your new companion.



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Old English Sheepdog Southwest Rescue
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