About Me- Hi! I'm KayteeI was born on November 24th, 2004 with a birth defect and was lovingly given the name of "Hope".  I have a cleft palate with a nose deformity and one eye that allows me to possibly see very faint shadows... my other eye doesn't function.  I arrived in Michigan at about 9 weeks of age weighing almost 9 pounds.  I was so small because I had been tube fed the first 5 weeks of life.

But don't feel sorry for me!  I'm a normal little pup in every way except my appearance can be startling to people who don't know me or simply don't expect my differences.  (Actually, since I've gotten older and my hair has gotten longer, people rarely notice a difference.) I'm a happy little girl who runs, jumps and plays, am loving, naughty, curious and intelligent.  I occasionally bump into something that is out of place but other than that, I get around perfectly fine.  People usually don't know I'm almost blind until my mom or dad tells them. My human "brother" swore I had to have vision... "our" mom pulled out a chair from the table and he called me over to him.  Well, I ran right into the chair.  He was amazed at how well a blind dog can navigate. I get to spend the whole summer with him when he comes home from college!

I have to laugh because before my ma got me, she thought that she "would lead the sweet little blind dog around her entire life".  She didn't know that blind dogs run and play and can map out their surroundings... I tear through the house and jump up on the bed or couch with the rest of them.  I sometimes bark until someone tells me that it's okay to jump back down (I jumped down on one of my sisters once... oops!).

I absolutely adore people and my sisters have accepted me just fine. The other 2 sheepie girls are actually my real 1/2 sisters... we have the same papa.  I've been bred and raised for temperament and health just like my sisters but something happened along the way when I was created so I'm just a little different. My doggie mama, who never rejected me, was spayed even though my differences may not have had a  genetic basis.  I am very lucky that my mama's owner (my Grandma Kaye) thought I was well worth saving... most breeders/vets don't give special pups like me a chance at life.  It was a big commitment of time (tube feedings), energy and emotions.  A very kind and knowledgeable lady with Hennwood Labradors helped guide Grandma Kaye with feeding and preventative care information for cleft palate puppies.

I hope reading about me has broadened your understanding that appearance does not make the dog.  There are many dogs in this world that are blind, deaf, missing legs, are scarred, have health problems, etc. that will and do make fantastic/loyal pets if someone will just love and accept them. There are also dogs that look show quality perfect with aggressive or unstable dispositions... this is not to say that they aren't just as deserving of a special family that will accept them the way they are too!   It's just with visual "defects" sometimes people need to take a second look at us to see below the surface to find the true treasure. Thanks for reading about me!



February 24th, 2005- This little sheepie will effect our lives permanently. Jim called to me this afternoon to look out the window... it was softly snowing big, fluffy flakes and Kaytee was outside.  It was probably the most beautiful sight I have seen in my life... a blind puppy catching the snowflakes as they fell from the sky. 


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